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Bergen County Technical Schools

To ensure a valid test, please follow these instructions. It is very important that you are able to fully concentrate during the entire test. Poor performance will result in an invalid test and will require a retake! • Set aside 30 minutes in a quiet room with no distractions to take the test. • No headphones or cell phone use during the test. Turn off any televisions, radio, or anything else that can produce background noise. • Tell siblings and family members about the importance of the test to avoid interruptions or distractions. • Note the test will begin by asking you background questions called the “demographic’ SECTION. There are 6 test sections called “modules.” These include word memory, design memory, Xs and Os, symbol match, color word match and three letters. • Take your time to read each section’s instructions very carefully. Each module is self-explanatory. It is common to perform the color word match module incorrectly, please read that section’s instructions thoroughly. • Other than the initial demographic section, do not ask anyone to help you with you performance during the test, such as assistance with memory questions, etc. Do not write anything down during the test to aid memory. • You must use a standard external mouse. You may not use a finger mouse pad (ie: laptop mouse), a Track mouse, or anything other than a standard mouse. • To take the baseline test, go to, select “NJ” and then click “Launch Baseline Test.” • Then enter the customer code: 253BDD21F0 and click “Launch Baseline Test.” You will then be directed to the test. Make sure that pop-ups are allowed or you will be redirected back to the previous page. • Your test results are not displayed once you are finished (all results are password protected). • Please note our contract with ImPACT does not allow for unlimited baseline tests. Please do not allow others to take an additional test. • If you do not have access to the Internet or a home computer that meets the above requirements, contact your coach or Trainer Jennifer Dale to arrange a testing time at school.